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After my entry yesterday (see Love- photo critique) I decided to officially take my designs in the direction of romance. I love the richness, the depth of the hues, the height of the elegance, and the level of luxury that I can portray through romantic jewelry designs. I think, no I know, that I am going to make this my focus. My logo, my “brand”, my photos, and even my packaging is going to go in this direction. I’m drawn to the elegance and the glamour that is in these new designs. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

Give me your thoughts! You’re the first to see these new pieces. I have yet to put them in my Etsy store so enjoy the preview 😉


Your-Highness3     Lap-of-Luxury2

Princess2     Amber-Sunset4

Blue-Lagoon3     Thing-of-Beauty

Cosmopolitan3     Golden-Glory2



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